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Aonuma is a troll.

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1 Aonuma is a troll. on Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:08 am


In a recent Kotaku article (which I can't link to due to new member restrictions), Eiji Aonuma enlightens us about why the MM references were in ALBW:

Maybe I was toying with them a little. (laughter) I'm doing everything I can. I hear the voices of the fans. There are so many out there. It's very loud, and just to acknowledge the fact that the need, the want is out there, I put that in there.

The evidence speaks for itself. When you couple this recent quote with his assertion that the answer to whether MM3D would be released was in ALBW, it's certainly seems like he intentionally misled people into believing that the release of MM3D was imminent.

But that's Aonuma for you. Things we've learned from Eiji:

1) LoZ for NES is the hardest game ever due to the unbeatable Octoroks en route to Level-1.
2) Skyward Sword will be non-linear and focused on exploration.
3) Ocarina of Time has been surpassed by all subsequent Zelda games.
4) Majora's Mask 3D will release any day now, although it may not come to the 3DS physically. It's like amillennialism except for Zelda games.

With these facts in mind, can we really be sure that Zelda U will be open world? If I weren't currently calling my ability to bet on Zelda game releases into question, I'd wager that the upcoming 'open world' involves Link using a split-in-half globe to solve puzzles!

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2 Re: Aonuma is a troll. on Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:41 am

zay still has hope

zay still has hope
What is it with Japanese people and being devious fucking trolls.

First Sakurai and now Anouma. Smash bros is fun, I take what Sakurai says as a joke cause it's a fuck you and your friends kind of game, but to joke about Zelda at E3?

Anouma either has massive balls or he's been taking trolling 101 from Sakurai.

those japs...

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