Banned from ZU for Failing at E3 Forums


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BZUFE Support for Real-Time Facial Recognition

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I just finished watching the Microsoft E3 press conference, and I'd like to announce that BZUFE Forums will be implementing facial recognition similar to that featured in the Microsoft Natal.

However, there is one difference.

While Microsoft replaces the controller with the camera, we, at BZUFE, have replaced the camera with you.

While Microsoft did away with the wheel rather than reinventing it, (thus creating the airplane) we, here at BZUFE, have made the airplane INVISIBLE and sold it to Wonder Woman.

BZUFE now implements advanced 'reverse' facial recognition software. Rather than the software recognizing your face, you recognize the face of the software.

While visiting BZUFE you may see a thread or board which has new posts, no new posts, is locked, is unlocked, is trying to get the key into the ignition, but is too freaked out to get it in the hole, whatever. The number of combinations is uncountable and unpredictable. Some say it could exceed 5, and that's already higher than I can count.

Fortunately, thanks to our facial recognition software, you will never be forced to memorize any of these nearly unending combinations and possibilities! Instead you will memorize the face hand picked for each individual situation.

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